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Current Employee - Sales says

"You are expected to call 150+ people a day and sell them the first time you speak. If the contractors have legitimate reasons for not signing up, you need to push for it any ways (eg. I don't have money right now....we'll borrow some). There is extensive training, the first set of training is good; however everything they teach you is disregarded because it depends on the manager your under. After the initial training, it isn't much of training and more of criticizing. 90% of the contractors you will talk to have either been burned by Servicemagic/Homeadvisor in the past or know someone who has."

Online Sales (Former Employee) says

"The concept behind this service is another beneficial resource for small business. The working environment is great for those who are new to the work force seeking experience in sales.experienceno comment"

Online Marketing Representative (Current Employee) says

"Everyday you are expected to make 200+ dials to contractors and have over 2.5 hrs of talk time. Your selling leads and websites to contractors and service professionals. The Job is mind numbing. However the hours are good and the people are very friendly."

J. Rosner says

"The contractor shows up, does not do the work, and reports back to HOMEADVISORS to charge me because I was not home. It was clear that he did not want to do the work or even had intentions to do the work as scheduled. Still waiting for HOME ADVISORS to credit my credit card."

sidney ho says

""Very bad experience! Won't use it anymore. Did an online appointment via website for roof cleaning and moss removal. I V Roofing called and said that they cannot make it and told me to cancel appointment. Then they offered a later date. Roof cleaning job and moss removal was horrible! Told them about moss still not cleaned. I V Roofing claimed that moss will get washed off when it rains as they have applied moss treatment chemical. They also claimed work is guaranteed for a year. Two weeks later moss still there called and text I V Roofing multiple times and they never respond to my follow up request. Wrote review on Home Advisor, they never post my review. Only 5 star review are posted! It is a scam!""

Archie says

"I was scheduled for a 1:00 appt. And my maid said she would be 1/2 hr. Late. You may reschedule or cancel any appointment 24 hours in advance for FREE. However, there is a $15 fee 2–24 hours before job starts; inside of 2 hrs the full booking amount is charged. After over two hrs I called and was told there would be no kind of discount and they would only reschedule since the workers have a FOUR hr window. The person I talked to was rude and didn't care about my inconvenience, only was told " they can be up to FOUR hrs. Late becaouse that's there window " This is unacceptilbe for buisness practices where the customer will always be at fault. I will now have to post this accross every social media platform I can."

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